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How to start a nonprofit : 5 step guide

When You Know Better
You Do Better

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Serve Better

Education for Nonprofit Boards

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Break Through the Confusion

You believe in your mission but have no idea how to make it happen or what the rules are. The Serve Better course outlines each step needed to get your mission off the ground. Break through the noise and get clear on your path forward.

Build an Engaged Board

Go beyond recruiting your family and close friends as board members. Expand your circle of influence to find the skilled, passionate people you need to meet your goals. Serve Better gives nonprofit founders the tools to find, select, and onboard an engaged working board.

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Demystify Nonprofit Finances

Finance can be a foreign language for many. Making critical decisions using information you don't understand is stressful. Serve Better translates all of this for you. You'll be confidently building strategies in no time.

Never Feel Alone Again!

Starting a nonprofit can feel like pushing a thousand-pound boulder up Mt. Everest all by yourself. Serve Better is a community of nonprofit professionals, board members, and founders. Leverage the collective knowledge to test ideas, ask for help, and make connections for future collaborations.

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A course and community for

startup nonprofit leaders. 

Starting a nonprofit is HARD!

Your mission is worth every stressful moment, yet you spend more time trying to get the operations going than serving the community.

It doesn't have to be this hard! All you need is a playbook. A guide that tells you what to do, the order to do it, and how to get the resources you'll need.

It also doesn't have to be so lonely. Serve Better is a community of leaders just like you. Some have experiences to share while others have questions you didn't even know to ask.

Don't spend one more minute struggling! Join the Serve Better community today.

Doors open on October 16, 2022

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