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Muzika [BEST]

North Macedonia took part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Paris, France. The national broadcaster, Macedonian Radio Television (MRT), is responsible for the country's participation in the contest.[1] MRT selected four singers from the television show Dajte muzika to represent North Macedonia with the song "Green Forces".[2]


On 12 October 2021, MRT announced that a group of children from the television series Dajte muzika (Дајте музика) will represent the country in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The selected song "Green Forces" was composed by Robert Bilbilov and Robin Zimbakov, and was released on November 12.[7][8]

Boston estas usona muzika grupo el Bostono, kiu atingis siajn plej grandajn sukcesojn dum 70-aj kaj la 80-aj jaroj. Inter la plej konataj komponaĵoj apartenas "Smokin'," "More than a Feeling," "Peace of Mind," "Foreplay/Long Time," "Don't Look Back" kaj "Amanda". 041b061a72


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